Monica L. Patton

Philomene Doucette is a made-to-order assassin, and death never looked so goodOrphaned and brain-washed from the age of six, she is a beautiful, empty killing machine, fractured from systematic abuse. 



Beautiful and accomplished Milla Dejoie receives a phone call in the middle of the night from her estranged mother, Wilhelmina. Her grandmother, "Thee," Mrs. Dejoie, dowager of polite society, is dead, and, along with her--their inheritance, unless Milla comes home to bury her.

to the world of 

Monica L. Patton

where the characters are strong and the drinks, stronger. Beautiful, flawed creatures with a penchant for tightrope walking. Enter if you dare. 

This Book will Change your life!

Follow the Misadventures of a Mismatched Pair of Missionaries and Monica Patton as Mrs. Brown!

​Monica L. Patton