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A graphic tale of a young woman systematically fractured to become the perfect assassin!


How does one define the concept of Identity? What is it, and how does it influence how one moves through the world? Humans are labeled, classified, and socialized through instruction, observation, and imitation. Texts point out that Identities are dynamic and multiple, integrated identities that work in tandem based on the context or situation-in other words, Identity is a social construct.

At its heart, NEO GEISHA is a fictionalized exploration of Identity through the eyes of Philomene Doucette, a beautiful, empty killing machine brainwashed and fractured from the age of six. Sixteen years later, Philomene is preparing for her biggest mission to date:  Kill Haruto Mori, leader of a deadly Yakuza clan. Unfortunately, her focus is wavering with the awakening of something she hasn't felt in a long time - compassion. Smuggled into Japan to carry out the kill, she finds herself entangled in a web of half-truths and shadow agendas. When the carnage exacts a personal toll, Philomene takes it all on--like the beautiful monster she was programmed to be. 

From the haunting beauty of the bayou to the land of the rising sun, NEO GEISHA is an immersive, scintillating, edge-of your-seat, graphic tale of a young assassin's harrowing journey of self-discovery as she struggles between her programming and her desire for free will.


NEO GEISHA will be enhanced with a companion mini-soundtrack, co-composed and orchestrated by Daniel Klintworth, former Associate Conductor on The Book of Mormon Musical Tour, and Bobby Daye of Love & Southern D!scomfort. The novel features cover and chapter art by Harvey Richards, formerly of DC Comics, with actress Bryce Charles lending her likeness as the Muse. Literary and Cultural Coach Dr. Yuko Kurahashi uses her celebrated skills to ensure cultural competency.